Customize an Event!Create with your Community

  • We work with communities through schools, churches, synagogues, colleges, scouts and organizations like the boys & girls clubs & much more
  • We help organizations raise money with our “Fun”draisers
  • We host events both in the studios & off site
  • Kids “make” memories at our kids camps offered at select locations
  • Host an Event: Bring together teachers, students, and families for a fun event at our studios.  We’ll provide all the materials and instructions needed to create a unique and memorable experience.
  • Add to an Existing Event: If you already have an event planned, we can add a creative activity to enhance the experience and raise additional funds.
  • Year-Round Fundraising: Offer a fun tile project at our studios that everyone can complete at their convenience. A portion of the proceeds will go directly to your organization.

"Fun"draising Events

The "Souper Bowl" Event

Plan a ‘Souper Bowl’ fundraising event for your local school, church or local non-profit!  Everyone paints bowls for a profit! Either at your location, or in our studios (Mon-Fri only). We provide everything needed. After painting the bowls and the firing process, you can host a party, serve ice cream or chili in the bowls and prizes can be awarded to “Souper Students & Teachers.” Bowls are available starting at $12 each and can be sold for $20 or more for great profit! This event can be modified for any non-profit organization. Bowls are food, dishwasher & microwave safe after firing. Paints are non-toxic and washable. 

To book, email The Hot Spot nearest you.

Tile Fundraiser

Schools can purchase tiles from The Hot Spot to sell to students, teachers, and families as a great fundraiser and event. The students, families & teachers paint the tiles, and after they get fired, they are installed to beautify different areas of the school such as a wall, a courtyard, park benches, tables, tree planters, or a library. The school can choose themes and colors and even get the art teacher involved for a truly creative experience.

Through our Tile “Fun”draising Events, students and teachers can create a lasting impression on the school and go back to visit their tiles for years to come.

This event can be modified for any non-profit organization.

Cost: Choose from two tile sizes and minimum order quantities.

4×4 tiles = $10 each (50 tile minimum) the school can sell the tiles for $20 or more to the families and teachers for a great profit, for a great cause.

6×6 tiles = $15 each (20 tile minimum) the school can sell the tiles for $25 or more to the families and teachers for a great profit, for a great cause.

Find your local Hot Spot studio to plan your event.

Auction Items

  • Choose items from The Hot Spot Studio nearest you such as a popcorn bowl, cookie jar, set of plates, giant platter with handmade candles, succulent garden, mosaic mirror or table, etc.
  • Kids can paint designs, do handprints and poems, or ask the art teacher to direct a class and do a set of “Picasso Portrait Plates” or a “Monet” theme on the chosen item. Alternatively, they can make candle creations or mosaics —the ideas are endless!
  • Conduct an auction for the items at the next event for a high profit.

Scout Troops

  • From Daisies to all of the Scouts, The Hot Spot is the perfect activity for boys and girls!

    • Paint Pottery
    • Create Cool Chunky or Sand Candles
    • Make Mosaics
    • Plant Gardens
    • Paint on Canvas
    • Make Slime! (We also sell slime kits TO GO!)
  • We will give you a tour of the “back room” where we glaze and fire the pottery.
  • Earn a pottery badge (actual badges not provided).
  • Cost is just the price of the pieces chosen. OR, great value! Book the kids Party Package and they do TWO projects each! See additional information on the Party Booking Page.
  • Snacks and drinks OK to bring and enjoy while you create your projects.
  • Simply call to book a package or to make a reservation…

Kids Summer Camps

Our summer camp is full of creative FUN! Kids “make” memories and heARTfelt keepsakes.

In addition to cool art projects like pottery painting, candle making, mosaics, succulent gardens, and slime, we play games! We provide a popsicle and small water bottle but we recommend bringing a lunch or a few snacks. Ages 6 and up. Kids MUST be potty trained and have no signs of a cough, sneezing, runny nose, fever etc. Questions? Call the Studio directly.  We look forward to seeing you at camp!